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A History of the Disney Theme Parks Through Paper
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McCall's, February, 1955

Meccano Mag., Nov. 1968

Monsanto, 1956

Monsanto, 1957

Monsanto, Summer 1967

Newsreel, Sept. 9, 2000

Newsweek, Dec. 31, 1962

National Geographic, Aug. 1963

National Geographic, April 1965

Odyssey, Nov. 1972

Orlando, Oct. 1986

Orlando Sentinal, Feb. 3, 1967

Orlandoland, Oct. 1976

Persistence of Vision, Issue 9

Persistence of Vision, Issue 10

Picturegoer, March 12, 1959

Popular Communications, Feb. 1986

Popular Mechanics, Dec. 1954

Popular Mechanics, Nov. 1957

Popular Mechanics, Dec. 1966

Popular Mechanics, Dec. 1969

Popular Science, Nov. 1955

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