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A History of the Disney Theme Parks Through Paper
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Disneyland. Walt's dream. Opened in July of 1955, Disneyland changed the way that families spent their holiday's together. Walt had always wanted an amusement park where both the children and the adults could enjoy the atmosphere and the attractions offered. No longer were the parents to stand by and simly watch the children.

Disneyland Newspaper - July 1955     Disneyland is also where our hobby begins. Here we see the first brochures, pictorial guides and guide books. The first seeds that have led many of us to have binders, boxes, shelves or rooms full of books and paper. Many strive to complete a collection of guides books, others study changes in the parks over the years, still others concentrate on a specific attraction like the haunted mansion.

For Disneyland, there are three main categories of paper collectible.

Guide Books  - These are the free guides or maps handed out to each person entering Disneyland. Usually included is a park map, attraction list, and basic information about the park like washroom locations or first-aid stations.

Disneyland Pictorial - 1971Pictorial Guides  - The pictorial guides are a larger version of the guide books. These can be bought within Disneyland, and are generally 8.5" x 11" but laid out sideways. These guides feature many photos of the park, going from land to land. Also featured are pictures and information about the Disneyland hotel and other resort features and attractions.

Other Items  - These pages will include coloring books, travel brochures, ticket brochures, and other items related to Disneyland. I'm not sure whether I'll put them all together or create sub-pages for each group. Let me know what you'd prefer!

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