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News & Updates

May 28, 2002
OK, you'll notice that not much has happened with the site recently. The reason for this is two-fold. First, I've just moved into my first house, and that's eaten up all my spare time. Second, Tripod has changed their free web hosting from 50mags to 20megs. This has forced me to take out some existing pages to get down to 20megs!!! I've been doing this site for fun, and for the love of my hobby and yours, but cannot afford to pay for web hosting. For now, the site may sit dormant for a while until I figure out what I'm going to do next. I'm always saving images of items not on the site, and hope to continue with the site soon! Thanks to all of you who have contributed in the past, it's really been appreciated!! Any of you can feel free to contact me about any questions you have about the site, or our hobby. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks, Matt

April 13, 2002
Well, I've really re-worked the Disneyland Guide Book pages! Special thanks to Mike Goldberg, Bill Silvester, Shannon Sudduth, and Dave Smith of the Disney Archives for their hard work in cataloging the 1965-94 guides and letting me put the information on the site! I've also re-worked the Other Disneyland Items pages, moving a lot of items around and adding some information. That'll be it for a while, as I'm moving this week! Hopefully I'll have another update by the end of the week!!

April 10, 2002
3 8mm films and 2 videos to the Videos page

April 8, 2002
I'm slowly going to work through a back log of images I've got saved up. Also, I'm looking for a new host, as Tripod has cut their free hosting from 50megs to 25megs. We're at 21 now. Also, some text to add to the Disneyland guides pages due to a great contribution! Stay tuned! Thanks to all who have been contributing! Added:
2 new 8mm films to the Video & Film page
Birnbaum WDW 1995 to the Books page
DL/WDW Official CD 1988 to Music page
8 items to the Disneyland 1955 Other Items page

March 26, 2002
Split up the Disneyland Other items pages into a page for each year. Should save some load times and scrolling up and down the pages

March 25, 2002
4 Annual Reports (1975,85,90,94) to the Annual Reports page

March 5, 2002
Disney News Winter 1965 and Fall 1984 to Disney News pages
A few items to the Tokyo Disneyland page, though that page needs some re-arranging!

March 4, 2002
The Story of Disneyland 1955 to the Disneyland Pictorials page
4 annual reports from the 1970's and one from DLP 2001 to the Annual Reports page.
Plus I re-organized the annual reports page to better tell which years are represented.
4 Birnbaum Disney guides to the Books page.

March 2, 2002
A bunch of issues for Storyboard Magazine to the Storyboard page
Added a page for Viewmaster Reels. Just a few there for now.
Re-organized the Video page. Added titles and a few years for videos and films. More to follow.

February 15, 2002
Added today:
4 Disney Vacationland issues to the Vacationland Magazine page

February 15, 2002
Added today:
5 EPCOT items from 1982 to the EPCOT pages

February 3, 2002
Well, that month certainly did pass quickly! Sorry about the length between updates, but I've had a busy month! We've bought our first home and have slowly been getting ready for the move. We take possession in April! Very exciting times. I've got a lot of images and info to add to the site, and hope to get to it quickly! Hopefully the next update will be before March!
Today's update:
Add a Storyboard Magazine page and added a bunch of issues to that page.

January 1, 2002
Happy New Year everybody! I hope your celebrations were happy and safe!
2 MGM items (one from 1999, 1 2001) to MGM page
5 items to the Magic Kingdom pages
1 1975 WDW brochure to the Early WDW page
14 magazines to the Magazines pages
21 items to the Disneyland pages
World's Fair page with one item
1 Pictorial & 1 insert to the Disneyland Pictorials page
Update #2
7 items to Disneyland Paris page
5 Disneyland Today issues (1980-2000) to the Disneyland pages
Spring 1961 issue of Disneyland Vacationland to the Vacationland page
12 Tokyo Disney items to the Tokyo Disney page
7 items to the Early WDW page
5 items to the WDW Pages
Summer 1975 WDW Vacationland to Vacationland page

December 30, 2001
15 items to the EPCOT pages

December 29, 2001
American Heritage 1968 magazine to Magazines page
Adventure Road Fall 1971 magazine to Magazines page
Disneylander May 1958 to the Magazines page
Annual Reports from 1968 & 1970 & Euro Disneyland 1997 to Annual Reports page
Roller Coaster, Flumes & Flying Saucers book to Books page
California Adventure Opening video to Video page
Winter 2001 Disney Magazine to the Disney News Magazine pages
2000 Disneyland Pictorial to the Disneyland Pictorial page
Disneyland 35th Anniversary book to the Books page
10 items to the Music page

December 27, 2001
Added 2 items to film & video page.
Added 2 2001 guidemaps to the Animal Kingdom page.

November 28, 2001
Split the Disney News into 5 pages.
Added 6 Disney News images to the Disney News 1960's page
Added 8 Disney News images to complete to Disney News 1970's page!

November 25, 2001
Split WDW Magic Kingdom page into 5 separate pages

November 23, 2001
Added a bit of info the the wdw main page
Broke up the General WDW page into 5 pages.

November 17, 2001
Welcome to the launch of the new site design! As you will see, it is still a work in progress. Gone are the large images of the items. I was out of space in my free tripod account. So, now the thumbnail images are a bit larger. Hopefully they won't take too long to load. Please give me feedback on this. Over the next few weeks I will probably not be adding too many new images. I'll be cleaning up the pages, adding links, and also adding a lot more written information on each page. But, with Christmas coming, I can see time getting tight. Hopefully I'll have time! Plus, I'll be at WDW from Dec. 6 to 15th!!! Can't wait! Anyway enjoy the new design, and please send your comments!

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