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A History of the Disney Theme Parks Through Paper
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About The Site

About The Site

New design launch date - Nov. 17, 2001

This site has gone through a number of transitions over the past three years, as I've increased my knowledge of html, and as I've gathered many more images. There have been a couple of server changes, but I think it'll be pretty steady at tripod for now, but you never know!

This site is not a list of my own collection. I have very few items compared to what is shown here. I gather images from my own collection, and through donations of others. If you have any items not shown on the list, feel free to scan them and send them to me! The more images I receive, the better and more complete the site will be! Plus, if you have any comments on layout, or structure ideas, praise, or complaints, let me know!

Enjoy the site!

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